At Growers Outlet, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality landscape material the market has to offer, and our sod is no exception to this standard. With our experience in the ornamental horticultural industry, we have decided only to carry fresh St. Augustine Palmetto sod. We have found it is among the best performing sod varieties in south Florida and is resistant to the lethal viral necrosis (sugarcane mosaic virus) that has been ravaging traditional St. Augustine Floratam. We transport fresh Palmetto sod to our yard ourselves on a daily basis. We have found that inspecting the sod onsite before hauling is far more effective in guaranteeing the high-quality standard that our customers depend on us for.

St. Augustine Palmetto performs tremendously in south Florida and has various commercial, residential, and recreational applications. St. Augustine palmetto was introduced in 1994 and has become an extremely popular variety of sod for most of the southern U.S. In south Florida, Palmetto sod has rapidly become the landscaping standard and is a region where this sod thrives year-round. Palmetto feels much softer than other St. Augustine varieties due to its finer blade texture. It also harbors a more vibrant emerald, green color that is guaranteed to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Palmetto is believed to be the hardiest of all the St. Augustine varieties due to its superior shade, heat, cold, salt, and moderate drought tolerance (once established.)

St. Augustine Palmetto can grow in various soil types, including sandy, silt, loam, and clay. Thanks to its extensive root system, Palmetto is an excellent sod for quick establishment once laid down, providing your property with an almost instant lawn. Although all the St. Augustine varieties prefer full sun, Palmetto is well known for its shade tolerance, as it can remain lush and vibrant with just 5 – 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. One more notable feature of St. Augustine Palmetto is its dense and vigorous growth habit; this not only keeps Palmetto looking great yearlong but also enables it to smother and inhibit most intrusive weed growth that can potentially ruin the appearance of your lawn.

How to calculate how much sod I need?

A single piece of sod measures roughly 16” x 22”, covering an area of 2.45 sq ft per piece. To calculate the number of sod pieces you will need, divide your installation area by 2.45.

Price per piece: $2.55 and covers 2.45 sq ft.


Price per half pallet: $138.00 + $12.00 Refundable Pallet deposit. Coverage 225 - 230 sq ft.

Price per pallet: $235.00 + $12 refundable pallet deposit. Coverage 450 - 460 sq ft.