We sell 3 types of pottery: Mexican Talavera, Italian terracotta, and Glazed Ceramic.

Mexican Talavera
Mexican Talavera stands out in any garden. It features bold colors and patterns, with detailed hand-painted artwork making this collection very popular.

Italian Terracotta
Our Italian terracotta pottery is produced in the heart of Italy. This region has been making the world’s finest terracotta products for centuries. Combining knowledge with state-of-the-art production facilities has resulted in a superior clay pot by which all others are measured. Incredible durability, a smooth surface, and just the right amount of permeability are the hallmarks of Tuscan clay.

Glazed Ceramic
We have sought out some of the leading manufacturers of Glazed ceramic pottery to bring our customers a broad selection of quality planters worldwide. Boasting stunning color and exceptional designs makes these pots stand out in any setting.