Flagstone & Boulders

We have a tremendous variety of flagstone, landscape boulders, and natural hardscape material. Natural stone is perfect for incorporating the beauty of nature into your garden. Proper implementation creates a natural and authentic outdoor look that can transform your outdoor space into a more useable and tranquil area. Natural stones have numerous purposes in a garden, including stone pathways, decorative walls, garden accents, focal points, and so much more. Feel free to browse our natural stone inventory on our website or visit us in-store.

How to purchase?
1. We sell the majority of our natural stone products by weight. To purchase flagstone & boulders in-store, please look around our selection of natural stone, located opposite the sales office. You will find each pallet labeled with the name and price per lb with a green tag.

2. Once you have decided on the type of stones you would like, please visit the office, and they will send a member of staff to assist you with weighing the Flagstone/boulders. We have a highly accurate industrial weighing scale conveniently located within the natural stone display area.

3. Once weighed, you may checkout at the front office, and a staff member will also help load your vehicle.