Delivery costs range from $45 to $125 depending on the mileage from our yard.

Our typical delivery areas are as followed:

  • As far North as PGA Blvd.
  • As far South as Glades Road
  • As far West as Wellington/Acreage
  • As far East as the Atlantic Ocean
  • All deliveries to gated communities have a $5 additional charge, this is due to waiting time for entry.

Full loads directly from the source to your home are usually delivered for FREE! Example 20 tons of Aggregate or 10 pallets of sod. Another way we try and save money and us time is to have a combination delivery, within reason we try to bring all of your product on one truck. Here are some examples of the combination deliveries.

Example #1: If you need 5 yards of top soil, up to 50 bags of mulch and a small amount of sod and plants we would be able to bring that to you all in one dump truck.

Example #2: If you need pavers, sod, mulch, sand and a few plants we can send that out on our flat bed truck with a forklift. The sand is poured into a stor sacks which can hold 11/2 yards.

* There is s $20 fee for each stor sack used.

Rule of Thumb

Have your merchandise delivered the day before you want to work it. That way its already on site at sunrise and you have a good chance of beating the HEAT!

Things you should be aware of:

  • Vehicles cannot leave the paved area.
  • At least 12' of clearance between the gate poles and alleyways is required.
  • For mechanical reasons dump trucks can only unload in one area.
  • For safety reasons dump trucks cannot pull forward while dumping and they must be on level solid ground.
  • For safety reasons we cannot dump under power lines or over hanging trees.
  • Trucks and Forklifts can leave tire marks, dirt tracks, and leave cracks on your driveway. Use your own judgment on whether we unload in your driveway or on the entrance apron. We will not be held responsible for any cleanup or damage.
  • Forklifts can leave ruts in your lawn, break sprinklers, water mains and damage septic tank systems. We will not be held responsible for damage done.

Box truck deliveries are hand unloaded at the closest available space. Products are not carried more than 10' from the truck or carried around back or spaced out. We can however accommodate your needs for an extra fee.